Bahadır Benzer

Bahadır Benzer

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Bahadır BENZER Tasarım ve teknoloji ile ilgili seminer gerçekleştirdi

Bahadır BENZER Tasarım ve teknoloji ile ilgili seminer gerçekleştirdi

Marka sadakati ve müşteri sadakati birbiriyle yakından bağlantılı olmasına rağmen aslında çok farklı iki kavramdır. Farklı olmakla birlikte, ikisi de müşteriyi elde tutma ve yeniden satın alma olgularını doğrudan etkiler.

Bahadır BENZER gave a seminar on design and technology.

Brand loyalty and customer loyalty, while closely related, are actually two distinct concepts. Despite their differences, both directly impact customer retention and repeat purchases.
Renowned in the industry for his expertise in design and 3D modeling, Bahadır BENZER recently conducted a seminar at Ankara University’s Jewelry and Jewelry Design department on the impact of technology on design and the emergence of new professions in this field. The seminar attracted significant interest, not only from the school’s students but also from the fashion and footwear design departments, creating a large audience. The main focus of the seminar was on technology. Bahadır Benzer discussed various 3D software and 3D printers used in the industry and also talked about the future innovations that await the sector. The topics covered ranged from render designers to 3D operators, animations, and new product visualizations, as well as the transformation of design. Towards the end of the seminar, Bahadır Benzer invited sales and marketing expert Burcu Öztürk on stage to provide the students with insights on how to sell their products effectively. Additionally, he connected live to the human resources department of a company in Istanbul that creates significant employment opportunities in the sector and holds an essential place in exports. This allowed the students to gain firsthand knowledge of what they can expect after graduation and also provided them with promises of job opportunities. The seminar was highly productive and enjoyable. It is hoped that similar seminars will be organized in other universities, and there are wishes for further efforts to continue in this regard.



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